So You Want to Be a Writer?

As a matter of fact, I do! Want to be a writer, that is. “Why?” you may ask. My quick response would be: “Because I enjoy doing it and I think I am good at it.” I don’t know of many other talents that I possess, but I do believe I can write at least somewhat well. And, not only do I want to be a writer, I already consider myself one.

Writing is something I have consistently enjoyed throughout my life, whether it was writing letters, poems and short stories during my teen years or drafting correspondence and legal documents during the course of my employment. Most recently, I have added writing speeches to this list.

Why I Want to Be a Writer

If I were to search deeper for an answer to the question “Why?” my response would be a bit more complex. You see, I do not consider myself a good speaker, storyteller or joke-maker. Words do not flow easily from my mouth and sentences may not come out in the proper order. In fact, it is entirely possible that, after I attempt to tell a story, the listener would feel a bit confused. In short, I do not articulate well.

Writing changes all of that. When I write, I am in full control. I can carefully choose my words and thoughtfully rearrange my sentences. I can clearly express what I am thinking and feeling. I am no longer an incapable communicator. On paper, I am confident.

Writing also gives me the ability to create — to take a blank page and turn it into something meaningful by using words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. These creations have the potential to entertain, teach, inspire, encourage andĀ help those who read them.

What About You?

If you too enjoy writing, take a moment to think a little deeper about the reasons why you like to write, and please share your answers to these questions:

    • Do you want to be a writer?
    • Are you already a writer?
    • Why do you write?

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